2021 Return to School Arrangements and Testing

Dear Parents / Carers,
It is unusual to be writing a letter to you on the last day of the year, however 2020 has
been a very unusual year!
As you will be aware there has been much media attention given to education and how
schools will return in January. To ensure that we have a shared understanding of how
The Harbour School will return and how we will keep children and each other safe, I have
outlined some key points below.

Returning to School Letter

We are very much looking forward to welcoming your child back to The Harbour School
next week. The COVID-19 infection rate in Portsmouth remains low. In order to keep the
rate low and support the reopening of schools it is vitally important that you and your
family continue to follow government guidelines on hand and respiratory hygiene and
social distancing as this enables the measures that the school have put in place to be as
effective as possible.