Microsoft Teams for Parents

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a group chat and collaboration application. It allows people to share information, chat online, conduct video conferences and work together remotely.

It “glues” together a bunch of other Microsoft applications to make this work. It works with Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive and the rest of Microsoft’s suite of programs making it easy for teachers to set work and communicate with learners. It’s all part of the Office 365 suite.

It’s also multi-platform so teachers and learners can use it regardless of what computer, tablet or smartphone they use.

Harbour School Guide for Parents using Teams

Here at The Harbour School, we have created a specific step-by-step guide for accessing and using Microsoft Teams at home.


Alternatively, use the quick general guides published by Microsoft:

Accessing Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams can be run in two ways. Either online in your internet browser (such as Edge or Google Chrome) or as an installed program.

To access Teams online, login to Office 365, then click on the Teams icon in your taskbar.

Click on the teams icon once you have logged in.

Alternatively, If you are using a computer which runs Windows 10, then you might already have Teams installed as an application.

If Teams is installed, you will be able to find it by searching in the start menu.

If Teams does not appear in your search results, then download it from the Microsoft site here.

Video Tutorials

Microsoft have released a set of video tutorials to help you learn.

Microsoft Teams official training page

Actions in Teams – Step by Step

In addition to the video tutorials, there is a set of guides detailing exactly how to perform certain actions in Microsoft Teams, such as answering a call, starting a call from a chat, and joining a meeting.

These actions range from making and receiving simple calls, all the way to setting up meetings.

Microsoft Teams meetings and calls page

The full set of Microsoft’s guides are available here.